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Secrets of Ancient Egypt May Spark Better Fuel Cells for Tomorrow’s Cars
Source: John Hopkins UniversityBy: Date: 28/12/2017    

To make modern-dayfuel cells less expensive and more powerful, a team led by Johns Hopkinschemical engineers has drawn inspiration from the ancient Egyptian tradition ofgilding.

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Desalination Expands, but Energy Challenges Remain
Source: Power magBy: Kennedy MaizeDate: 01-03-2016    

Fearing widespread water scarcity, companies and governments around the world are scoping out desalination technologies to convert seawater to potable water. That’s a rocky path that involves lots of ....
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Biomass for Energy
Low oil prices soften the wood fiber market
Source: Pallet EnterpriseBy: Lisa MonroeDate: 01-03-2016    

Back in 2009, an article in the Engineered Wood Journal predicted that the competition for certain types of wood fiber would reshape the wood fiber markets due to the increasing demand of wood fiber t....
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Why is energy storage so important to decarbonisation?
Source: LexologyBy: Keith PattersonDate: 01-03-2016    

It is Scottish Renewables Annual Conference today, the first since the ‘great’ policy reset. Questions will be many and answers I suspect few. One question you might find yourself asking during the co....
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Electric Vehicles Could Soon Reduce Oil Demand By 13 Million Barrels Per Day
Electric cars could upend oil markets much sooner than everyone thinks.
Source: OilPrice.comBy: Nick CunninghamDate: 28-02-2016    

According to a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), the rapid decline in the cost of building batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) will make them cheaper than the internal combustion ....
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The puzzle of low oil prices—has the race to beat the carbon bubble already started?
The post-carbon world is fast emerging from the shell of the old. Even Saudi Arabia is planning for it.
Source: www.opendemocracy.net/transformationBy: JAMES K ROWEDate: 29-02-2016    

The world’s largest producers of oil, Saudi Arabia and Russia, agreed to a production freeze in February 2016. This deal holds production at the near-record highs that were reached in January in an ef....
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What Low Gas and Oil Prices Mean for Renewable Energy
Source: American News ProjectBy: Date: 19-02-2016    

The use of renewable energy began to gain momentum in the last decade as a reaction to high oil prices from 2008 through 2014. The price of crude oil remained high partly because of production limits ....
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ITER Fusion Project: World Leader in Renewable Energy
Source: The OGMBy: Tina OliveroDate: 02-03-2016    

Today 80% of the developed world’s energy comes from fossil which meets energy demand but these fuels present environmental issues and climate change challenges. By 2050, it is predicted that the pop....
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The Myth about Renewable Energy Subsidies
Source: Renew Economy.By: Giles Parkinson Date: 25-02-2016    

Ever hear the story about why renewable energy can’t compete without a subsidy? You hear it all the time from the fossil fuel industry. And the response from renewables? Take away fossil fuel subsidie....
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Solar power is still more expensive and less efficient than fossil fuels.
Source: SPIKED-ONLINE.COMBy: TOM BAILEYDate: 01-03-2016    

Solar power is still more expensive and less efficient than fossil fuels. The crude Keynesian might say that solar power is producing more jobs, and surely that is a good thing? But this is only true....
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