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Date: January 09, 2017
ADEKOM’s Containerized Biogas Screw Compressor for Biogas Upgrading to CNG Project was put into Operation Successfully
Recently,a containerized biogas screw compressor provided by ADEKOM has beensuccessfully put into operation for biogas upgrading to CNG project inShandong. This compressor unit can upgrade 30,000Nm3 p
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Date: January 04, 2017
China to extend assistance to Pak in power sector
PowerDivision has decided to meet all the investors engaged under the CPEC energyprojects individually to further fast track these projects and also remove anydifficulty faced by them.

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Date: January 04, 2017
Clean energy lifts solar power generation
China’s solar powergeneration has risen amid the government’s efforts to expand clean energy tocurb pollution.

Data released by theNational Energy Administration suggests solar power ge
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Date: November 01, 2017
Oil and Gas Professionals Find Global Meeting Point in Abu Dhabi

ADIPEC Creates Opportunities to Make New Connections, Drive Business Growth

UAE Capital is at Cross

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Date: October 04, 2017
Oil and Gas Industry is a Prime Target for Cyber Criminals

Oil and Gas Industry Accounted for 25% of Victims in June’s NotPetya Ransomware Attack; Frequency of Incidents Growing by 350% Year on Year.

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Secrets of Ancient Egypt May Spark Better Fuel Cells for Tomorrow’s Cars

To make modern-dayfuel cells less expensive and more powerful, a team led by Johns Hopkinschemical engineers has drawn inspiration from the ancient Egyptian tradition ofgilding.

Egyptia....Read More


Desalination Expands, but Energy Challenges Remain

Fearing widespread water scarcity, companies and governments around the world are scoping out desalination technologies to convert seawater to potable water. That’s a rocky path that involves lots of ....Read More


Biomass for Energy

Back in 2009, an article in the Engineered Wood Journal predicted that the competition for certain types of wood fiber would reshape the wood fiber markets due to the increasing demand of wood fiber t....Read More


Why is energy storage so important to decarbonisation?

It is Scottish Renewables Annual Conference today, the first since the ‘great’ policy reset. Questions will be many and answers I suspect few. One question you might find yourself asking during the co....Read More


Electric Vehicles Could Soon Reduce Oil Demand By 13 Million Barrels Per Day

According to a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), the rapid decline in the cost of building batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) will make them cheaper than the internal combustion ....Read More


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